Chanukah Lights

Kislev, 5778

Dear Friends,
In the darkness of the season, we join with others to kindle flames. Our Chanukah lights call us to honor the sacred, to take action even when what we love lies in ruins, to believe that anything is possible and to know that people dedicated to the spirit will rise.

Chanukah urges us to honor the lights we each bring into the world. It calls us to notice that in the darkness, even the smallest light is illuminating.
In honor of this season, we ask that you make a gift to A Way In in honor or in memory of someone who has brought light, hope, possibility into the world. Your gift will allow us to continue to shine our lights and make our teachings available to all.
On the donation page below, you will be able to name the person you are honoring and offer a few words describing the light they illuminate. We will send a card to the person you designate to let them know of this honor, and we will post a list of honorees and your messages on our website on the 6th day (December 17) and  at the end of Chanukah.

Thank you for your continued support.  

In the words of the psalmist:

Let us walk together in the Sacred Presence in the light of life.     
-- Psalm 56:14
Sending love and blessings to all,

Rabbi Yael and the A Way In Board


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Come, let us walk together in the light of the One.
— Isaiah 2:5
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Help A Way In's Light Glow and Grow

Become part of A Way In’s light during Chanukah by offering a gift to sustain and expand our work.

Donate in honor or in memory of someone who has brought light to you and add a few words about them. We will send a personal acknowledgement to the person you designate and share the names and comments on our website on the 6th night and right after Chanukah.

You can donate in 3 easy ways:
• Online with your credit card
• By mail with your check
• With a stock transfer. Contact us at



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Who Brings Light?

Honoring those who have illluminated our lives:


Alice Lok Cahana. Alice Lok Cahana faced pain with courage and creativity.

— Donation from T.S., Morristown, NJ


Mindy Maslin and Sid Ozer. For their warm heartedness, generosity and enthusiasm.

— Donation from L.H., Philadelphia, PA


In honor of the 36 just in each of us. May we each carry a spark of light of the 36 to see and touch the sacred.

— Donation from J.S., Goldens Bridge, NY


In honor of all that brings light from darkness!

— Donation from B.L., Philadelphia, PA


Cassia and Logan Kaufman
— Donation from R.P., Los Angeles, CA


Gordon & Sally Smith. For their abundant lovingkindness and generosity!

— Donation from C.B., Altadena, CA

 Judy Wizelman. Through her brilliance, teaching and offerings she helps others see the truth within themselves. Through that lens we can begin to be whole and offer that tikkun to the world.
— Donation from N.P., Waltham, MA


Mauri Presser
— Donation from F.R., Flourtown, PA


Mary Rourke.  She supports and gently challenges, holding up a mirror, and making me the best version of myself.


— Donation from M.A., Swarthmore, PA

Suzanne Simenhoff.  She makes the joyous moments richer and more full, and the painful moments less harsh.

— Donation from M.A., Swarthmore, PA


Rabbi Yael, for the light and inspiration your provide. It is truly a blessing.

— Donation from L.S.K., Sewickley PA


 Rabbi Yael. For the light she brings to the world.

— Donation from L.A.S. , Beach Haven, NJ


Chag Chanukah Sameach!