Day 1 - Chesed Sh'b Chesed: Love within Love

Today is the first day of the Omer.

The continual flow of love in the universe
Love without limit
The journey begins with an invitation to know that we are loved absolutely.
This shall be my meditation day and night: I am loved, I am cherished for being exactly who I am. And through this love I bring forth blessing.

Practice for today:
Sit and bring attention to your breath. Feel the breath moving through your body.
Notice the sensations as the breath enters in and as the breath goes forth. After a few minutes say to yourself, I am loved. Watch what happens in
your body as you continue to say with each breath, I am loved. When you are ready, close the sit by saying to your heart,
Through this love, I bring forth blessing.

Fulfilled are those who walk in simplicity, guided by the Mystery.
Content are those who are mindful of what is important
And go forward with an open heart.

(Psalm 119:1-2)


The Omer teachings you see here and can receive as nightly email reminders by signing up for our mailing list, are taken from Rabbi Yael Levy's Omer guide, Journey through the Wilderness, which is available as a whole in print or as an ebook.

The daily teachings begin Tuesday March 31 and continue to Shavuot, May 19. A Way In also invites you to join us for our annual retreat in the high desert of New Mexico for the last days of the Counting.

The practice as well as Rabbi Yael were featured in a 2015 New York Times article.



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