Day 7 - Shechina Sh’b Chesed: Indwelling Presence of Love

Today is the seventh day of the Omer.

The Mystery is my shield. The Mystery opens the path of the heart. (Psalm 7:11)

Freeing the path of the heart

The Divine Presence calls, Wherever you are, there I am.

I abide with you.


Practice for today:

Notice acts of kindness and generosity that are bestowed upon you.

Notice the moments you respond to yourself and others with love.


In the place I dwell — Let there be music

In the darkness of night I will remember and guard the way.

How to live will arise in me

as I remain mindful of the Divine presence within all being.

(Psalm 119:54-

Rabbi Yael Levy

The Omer teachings you see here and can receive as nightly email reminders by signing up for our mailing list, are taken from Rabbi Yael Levy's Omer guide, Journey through the Wilderness, which is available as a whole in print or as an ebook.

The daily teachings begin Saturday April 20, 2019, and continue to Shavuot, June 8. Also this year, for the first time, A Way In is offering the opportunity to count together one night a week on Zoom, guided live on video by Rabbi Yael Levy. Every Monday evening at 8PM EST Rabbi Yael offers a teaching about the week and the day of the Omer, and we stand together and count the new day. Counting together strengthens and helps inspire our experience and practice. Go to instructions for connecting with Zoom.

The practice as well as Rabbi Yael were featured in a 2015 New York Times article.

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