Week 2 - The Week of Gevurah: Discernment and Strength

The realm of Gevurah calls us to lift up our eyes and see the world through a lens of awe. The Mystery is constantly revealing itself. Everything is alive, pulsating with spirit, and we, along with all beings, are part of this intricate unfolding. Gevurah also affirms that life is filled with beauty and spectacular blessings even as it also brings challenges, devastation and loss.

Cultivate the capacity to hold contradiction and paradox, Gevurah teaches.

Don’t let pain obscure joy.

Don’t let loss deny love.

And don’t allow the desire for certainty conceal the Mystery.

Lift your eyes to the mountains. See the miraculous. Feel the strength of the universe in each breath. Allow vulnerability, uncertainty and sadness to offer their gifts as they pass through. The energizing vitality of the universe is with us and, even when we feel alone, the One fills us and is by our side.

Practices for Gevurah: Minding our psychic space

Gevurah offers the gifts of boundaries and limitations and urges us to make wise choices about what we let into our psychic spaces. With all that is going on in our country and the world, it is easy to spend a lot of time listening to and reading news. While we need to be informed, sometimes an overabundance of news knocks us off balance and makes it more difficult for us to see clearly and act effectively.

This second week of the Omer, we give special attention to the amount of information we take in, noticing when we turn toward the news and what is motivating us to do so.

Paying attention to our physical and emotional responses, we explore how much news is helpful for us to receive and when we have reached overload. We set boundaries determining how, when and where we will engage with the news, trusting that at times the wise choice is to turn our attention elsewhere.

This week, we also make it a practice to listen to music and notice how this affects our physical and emotional wellbeing.

And each day we pause, lift our eyes and give thanks for something that amazes us.

The Mystery is high upon the earth and the strength of love prevails for all who turn toward awe. (Psalm 103:11)


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