Day 16 - Gevurah Sh’b Tiferet: Discernment within the Heart

Today is the sixteenth day of the Omer.

Gevurah Sh’b Tiferet: Discernment within the Heart

I place the One before me always.

(Psalm 16:8)

Cultivating the strength to live what is true even when it is difficult

We notice the joys, pain and challenges of our hearts, letting it all rise without judgment or shame.

The shining through of whatever is true brings healing.

Practice for today:

Take notice of what hardens your heart and what allows your heart to soften. Say these verses for yourself and for people in your life with whom there is need for healing:

May my (your) heart know happiness. May my (your) soul know joy. And may my (your) whole being dwell in trust.

(Psalm 16:9)

Rabbi Yael Levy

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