Day 31 - Tiferet Sh’b Hod: Beauty within Presence

Counting the Omer: Day 31

Today is the thirty-first day of the Omer.

Tiferet Sh’b Hod: Beauty within Presence


Opening to wonder, beauty, love and splendor

in the midst of our broken world

Anchoring ourselves in beauty can help us

meet pain and suffering with love.


May our hearts be strong and filled with courage.

May we open to guidance and love. (Psalm 31:25)


Practice for today:

Sit and draw your attention to something beautiful: leaves on a tree; a candle flame; a piece of art; a photo of someone you love.

Breathe the beauty into your body, and say to your heart,

May my soul be calm, may my soul be content. (Psalm 131:2)

Sit for a few minutes repeating this verse, feeling the sensations of beauty in your body. If your eyes have been open, close them and let your attention shift to a place in this world where there is great pain and despair. Let yourself become aware of the suffering. Breathe forth your prayers by saying, — May the light of the One shine on you for deliverance and love. (Psalm 31:17)

Close your sit by returning to an image of beauty and saying,

May my soul be calm, may my soul be content. May all souls be calm, may all souls be content.

Rabbi Yael Levy


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