Day 34 - Yesod Sh’b Hod: Foundation within Presence

Today is the thirty-fourth day of the Omer


May I have the understanding to cherish the journey and care for it with all my heart. (Psalm 119:34)


Our souls yearn to live in alignment

with all creation, and at times we get so lost and far away.

The earth, trees, water and sky call,

offering to guide us back to center,

back to presence and awareness.

May we open to their wisdom and their truths.


Practice for today:

Sit and allow your imagination to be drawn to something

in the natural world that fills you with appreciation and awe: a tree; an open field; the swells of the ocean; a rock, the sky at dawn. Imagine it as fully as you can and let yourself be filled with the sensations of this vision.

Breathe into this gift of the natural world, feel its power and wisdom. As you notice your mind wander, use your breath to return again and again to the strength and insight that flows to you from creation.

Experience fully the goodness that unfolds. Content is the person who takes refuge in the mystery. (Psalm 34:4)

Rabbi Yael Levy

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