Day 35 - Shechina Sh’b Hod: Flow of Gratitude

The earth is filled with glory.

Our lives are filled with goodness.

As we notice the blessings and give thanks,

we create a dwelling place for the Most High.


Practice for today:

Let these be the first words you say upon awakening:

Modah ani—I am grateful.

Throughout the day, pause ten times and offer gratitude.

Give thanks for the food you eat, for a beautiful sight or sound.

Offer praise for an insight, a moment of connection, a moment of love.

End the day by saying, “I am grateful for….”


Offer praise for all that is.

Stand in service and offer praise.

Be in each moment and offer praise.

Let your soul sing, feel all the goodness and offer praise.

(Psalm 135: 1-3)


Rabbi Yael Levy

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A Way In is offering the opportunity to count together one night a week on Zoom, guided live on video by Rabbi Yael Levy. Every Monday evening at 8:30PM EST Rabbi Yael offers a teaching about the week and the day of the Omer, and we stand together and count the new day. Counting together strengthens and helps inspire our experience and practice. Go to instructions for connecting with Zoom. The video from Zoom calls is posted on the A Way In YouTube channel in the following days. This week Rabbi Yael is traveling. She will be back to lead the Omer Zoom call for the week of Yesod, which will be on Thursday May 30th  (instead of Monday May 27th).

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