Week of Yesod: Foundation, Connection

We welcome the sixth week of the Omer, the week of Yesod: Foundation, Connection,
and listen as the psalmist calls—
emet maertz tzimach, "Truth springs forth from the earth," (Psalm 85:12).
As we enter this week, we ask ourselves:
What truths do I live by?
What values guide my actions?
What receives my devotion, energy and time?
Yesod calls us to be guided by the wisdom of the earth, the cycle of the seasons, the movement of the waters, the rootedness of the trees. It calls us to feel in ourselves the interdependence of all creation and see all around us the life force that flows through all.
As we walk through these Yesod days, let us honor our foundation—the earth that sustains us and all those who have who have gone before us, upon whose shoulders we stand.
May our practices this week include calling our elected representatives, urging them to support legislation and regulations that protect wild places and care well for the earth.

—Rabbi Yael Levy

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