Week 4 - Week of Netzach: Eternity, Vision, Endurance

Week of Netzach: Eternity, Vision, Endurance


We welcome the week of Netzach: Love more.

In the face of difficulty, in the face of pain, what can we do?

We can love more.

We can decide to be generous, to be kind,

To offer our assistance, share our resources, our visions, our strength.

We can recognize the good in ourselves and the beauty in others.

Love endures, the tradition teaches.

Acts of kindness, acts of generosity, acts of compassion and love are forever.

In this moment in our lives, in the life of our country and our world, let us not be fooled into thinking there is nothing we can do.

Every day we can love more.

This is not a simplistic solution, nor does it take the place of advocating for justice and working for change.

Acting with compassion and kindness will sustain, guide and strengthen us all.

And it is a practice that requires continual devotion.


As we meet the truth of the moment with love,

Justice and peace will spring forth from the earth.


(Psalm 85:11-12)

Practices for the Week of Netzach: Love More

Let this be a week in which we practice radical kindness. In our encounters each day, let us pause long enough to discern: How can I act with generosity in this moment, what is the compassionate response.

Your hearts will live forever. (Psalm 22:27)

May we join together to make this so.