Day 40 - Hod Sh’b Yesod: Presence within Connection

Grounding ourselves in the moment through gratitude and awareness

Opening to the calls of our lives


Practice for today:

Sit for 5, 10, 15 minutes. Bring your attention to your breath.

After a few moments, say to your heart, Hineni— Here I am, present, open, willing. Continue repeating Hineni with each breath.

When you become aware of your mind wandering, gently, and with compassion, bring yourself back to the moment by saying to yourself, Hineni— Here I am. Close your sit by giving thanks.

Bring this practice into the day – pausing at various times to say to

yourself, Hineni— Here I am.


Source of All, You have opened my understanding. You have made it known

that You do not desire sacrifices, sin offerings or burnt offerings.

Rather, what you desire is for me to say:

Here I am, I have come with the scroll of the book

that is written upon me. My deepest yearnings

are to act in alignment with your will

and to live the truths that you placed within me.

(Psalm 40:7-9)


Rabbi Yael Levy


Away InYesod