Day 42 - Shechina Sh’b Yesod: Source within Foundation

Like a deer yearns for brooks and streams,

my soul yearns for the Mystery.

My soul thirsts for the Source of All,

for the Source of all Life.

(Psalm 42: 2-3)

The seeds of creativity, the sparks of clarity

Vision, insight and wisdom arising

We give thanks for all we have learned

And pray to bring the blessings forward.


Practice for today:

Take time to reflect on the experiences that have shaped you, the people that support you and the values that you stand on.

We ask ourselves:

What are my sacred values? Where are my roots planted?

Who are my teachers? What wisdom do I hope to pass on?


Offer this prayer for yourself and places in the world that need healing:

Sim shalom, tova, uvracha, chayim, chen, v’chesed, v’rachamim aleynu

Place upon us peace, well-being, blessing, life, grace, love and compassion.



Rabbi Yael Levy


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