Week of Malchut/Shechina: Majesty, Divine Presence

As we enter this final week of the Omer
May Shechina, the Divine Presence, hold us with gentleness and love.
May the Majesty of All crown us with glory and guide us in sensing our place in the intricate and infinite web of existence.
May our hearts be open.
May our minds be clear.
And may we know ourselves as sacred vessels through which the Divine flows and reveals itself in the world.
As we go into the week, let us act as emissaries of the Most High and offer love, kindness and compassion to each other through our words and actions.
Let us notice opportunities to offer our hands for help and support.
And let us treat the gifts of life with reverence and care.
And in those moments when we or someone else gets lost in the quagmire of confusion and fear, let us be gentle and forgiving and do our best to return to love.