Day 46 - Netzach Sh’b Shechina: Eternity within Divine Presence

Each moment is a seed of eternity

and all there is, is now.

With everything we do, we weave the future

and all there is, is now.

Our lives extend beyond anything we will ever know

and all there is, is now.

In every moment we dwell in the Sacred Presence.

May we act accordingly.


Practice for today:

We lay these questions on our hearts:

What are the treasures of my life?

How do I live my gratitude and blessings?


The Infinite calls: “I am very close.

Be still and know that I am.”

The source of Infinite possibility is with us. This is our refuge and strength.

(Psalm 46:2,11,12)


-Rabbi Yael Levy



Away InMalchut