Day 26 - Hod Sh’b Netzach: Gratitude within Eternity

Today is the twenty-sixth day of the Omer.

Hod Sh’b Netzach: Gratitude within Eternity


We open to whatever is unfolding in our lives and reach for gratitude.

Gratitude helps lift us beyond our own pain, fears and doubt.

Gratitude helps us find the strength to stand in the moment

and discern the path forward.


Practice for today:

Give thanks before you eat.

Say thank you when you see something beautiful,

when you experience a moment of connection.

Give thanks for all this day brings

and notice how gratitude feels in your body.


I will see the world through eyes of love and generosity,

and walk in the truths they reveal.

I will give voice to my gratitude, and speak about the wonders I behold.

(Psalm 26:3,7)


Rabbi Yael Levy

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