Omer Weekly Teaching — Chesed 5779

Chesed is the first week of the Omer

The Infinite Presence calls, I take you out into the expanse, I deliver you because I desire you.                                                                                                                       
—Psalm 18:20
The world is blooming.
Pink, yellow, white, purple,
Tiny green buds opening to the light.
Seemingly with joy,
The earth is revealing itself.
And this is what is asked of us:
To break through the hard packed ground,
To rise,
To open,
To bloom.
            The world is waiting for your beauty, the Infinite calls,
            And I desire you,
            Your glory, your radiance, your truth, your love.
            I am bringing you out into the expanse to shine.
            I desire you.
What would it be like to truly believe
We are here to shine in beauty and love?
What would it be like to trust that who we are is a blessing,
An offering, a gift?
Out from the narrow place into the expanse of Chesed, and the soul cries:
            The world is filled with so much brokenness, so much pain.
All the more reason, the Infinite Presence responds,
            For you to notice the beauty and shine your light with love.
This is the world’s greatest desire.

As we move through the week of Chesed,
May we practice being amazed at the ordinary wonders of life.
May we reach for gratitude and share our appreciation.
And when we feel ourselves caught in anxiety, judgment or pain, may we respond to ourselves with loving-kindness, saying to ourselves with tender care, “You are loved.”

Rabbi Yael Levy

16 Nisan 5779

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The practice as well as Rabbi Yael were featured in a 2015 New York Times article.

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