Softening the Heart, Strengthening the Spirit

A Pre-Passover Mindfulness Retreat with Rabbi Yael Levy.

March 16-18, 2018
at the Garrison Institute, Garrison, New York, 10524

Through meditation, teachings, yoga inspired body prayer and shared reflections we will engage in the practices of:

Tikkun halev: The softening of the hardened heart.

Bedikat chamaytz: Taking notice of what keeps us from engaging fully with the  challenges and gift of life.

Yetziat Mitzrayim: Leaving the narrow places of judgment and fear, to enter into a wider expanse of perspective and possibility.

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From the narrow place I called out and I was answered with expansiveness.
— Psalm 118:5

THE FESTIVAL OF PASSOVER calls us to leave the narrow places in our hearts and minds and expand our capacities for compassion, empathy, understanding and relationship.

Join Rabbi Yael Levy and the A Way In community on retreat in the magnificence of the Hudson Valley to prepare our hearts and souls for Passover. We will gather at the Garrison Institute, a renovated former monastery.

Located on the banks of the Hudson River amid rolling hills and forests, the Institute’s beauty and calm will help guide us as we welcome the month of Nisan and turn our attention to the spiritual work of preparing for Passover.

Wisdom from the river, trees, hills and sky will help guide the journey. The sacred beauty of the retreat center will bring strength to our practice.

May our time together soften our hearts and expand our awareness so that courage, trust and connection can rise within us and guide us forward.

We will practice softening our hearts and releasing thoughts, habits and behaviors that keep us bound
— Rabbi Yael Levy