A Way In offers daylong, weekend and extended mindfulness retreats led by Rabbi Yael Levy.

These retreats offer opportunities for meditation, reflection and renewal.We gather in places of beauty and open to the wisdom of the earth and the spirit of the season.  Together we engage in spiritual practices that guide us in cultivating awareness, gratitude and compassion.

 Skip to the March 16-18, 2018 pre-Passover retreat at Garrison Institute, in Garrison, NY.

Skip to the Omer-Mindfulness retreat, May 17-22, 2018 at Ghost Ranch, in the High Desert  of Northern New Mexico.


Standing at Sinai: Opening to Presence

Five-Day Jewish Mindfulness Retreat in the High Desert of New Mexico Guided by Rabbi Yael Levy

May 17-22, 2018, Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center, Abiquiu, NM

Join us as we gather for the tenth A Way In retreat in the sacred beauty of the red rock desert of New Mexico.

In a unique combination of silence, song and movement, woven together by Rabbi Yael Levy’s inspired teachings, we will celebrate Shavuot and the revelation on Mount Sinai, and mark the end of another Omer journey. The awesome surroundings and the power of community create a holy time that helps us to open to the Mystery that fills all creation.  


Rabbi Yael Levy Video: "Why Go On A Retreat?"

We go on a retreat...

To step out of our daily lives.

To regenerate, realign, re-balance, and enable ourselves to see more clearly so we can act more wisely.

To heal our own souls... and to come back and to heal the soul of the world...


Softening the Heart, Strengthening the Spirit

March 16-18, 2018 in Garrison, NY

Prepare yourself for a Mindful Passover at our upcoming Pre-Passover Retreat with Rabbi Yael Levy in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

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