Prayers for the Thanksgiving Table

As we gather together
Let us give thanks for the abundance that fills this table.
And let us acknowledge that among us there are many viewpoints and perspectives.

May we celebrate our shared values of family and friendship.
And may we celebrate our love and care for each other.
Let us be kind and generous
And remember that the Divine Mystery fills us all.
Blessed is the Mystery that calls us together.
We give thanks for this food that nourishes our bodies and souls.

As we gather together to give thanks
Let us acknowledge that we are filled with a vast array of emotions
And gratitude may not be so easy to find.
And then let us raise our glasses and give thanks anyway.
Let us give thanks for each other’s presence and for the abundance of this food.
And let us give thanks for this gift of life that calls us present to this moment.
May the beauty and the blessings that surround us
Give us sustenance and strength.
And may love guide us in bringing forth goodness and blessing to all.
Blessed is the Mystery that gives us life, raises us up and calls us present to this moment.
As we share this meal, let us set intentions to seek common ground,
To build bridges across our differences,
And be guided by what we love.
We give thanks for each other and for the abundance in our lives.
May there be abundance and blessings for all.
Blessed is the Mystery that brings forth nourishment from the Earth.
May we eat and be nourished.
May we savor the fullness and be satisfied with the gifts of this moment.
May we open our hearts and give thanks.

—Deuteronomy 8:10


— Rabbi Yael Levy

14 Kislev 5779

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