5779 Chanukah - Day 1 - Sitting in the Light of the One

Lifting up the Lights: A Rededication to the Sacred

Teachings and Meditations for the Days of Chanukah

Send forth your light and truth they will guide me to your sacred presence

And there I will dwell.

 Psalm 43:3

The mystics teach that the flames of Chanukah echo from the beginning of creation and send forth lights of chen—grace—pure love, freely given. To sit in this light is to be renewed and lifted up by graciousness and love.

After this year in our country, many of us need to be strengthened and lifted. We need to be rejuvenated so we can continue to join together and shine our lights for blessing and healing.  As we kindle the Chanukah flames this season, let us call on the lights of chen to support and guide us so we can clear away the debris, find openings and possibilities and lift up the sacred again and again.

Our Chanukah series this year will offer daily intentions and meditations that will invite us to sit with the lights of Chanukah. This will be a practice of receiving. We do not have to create the light.  We do not have to make anything happen. Our practice will be opening to receive the light that flows through this time.

May Chanukah strengthen and renew us so we can keep rising into goodness and shining lights for blessing, justice and peace.

Chanukah Day 1  

Sitting in the Light of the One

The tradition teaches: shema-veahafta. Listen and you will love.

Shema—listen, pay attention, within all the diversity, beyond all distinction is the One. And each time you touch into the awareness that it is all One—veahafta, you will love with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength.

As we experience the oneness of all, and become aware of the interdependence of all life, love arises and flows through us into the world.

Meditation for the first day of Chanukah: Sitting in the Light of the One.

Taking our seats, we bring ourselves to an awake and upright posture.

Gently, we let the attention rest on the breath, noticing the sensations in the body as the breath is received and released. After a short while, we invite the awareness that there is One breath moving through all life.

One breath flowing through each of us.

One breath enlivening the trees, the birds, all animals and all creation.

One breath flowing through all.

We continue to rest the attention on the breath, letting each breath affirm our relationship with the web of all life. Each time we notice the attention has wandered, we return to the breath and the sensation that each breath is the experience of the One.  

We close the sit by calling out the shema.

Rabbi Yael Levy
25 Kislev 5779

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