A Way In


Directing the Heart Through Jewish Mindfulness

ישרי לב


Jewish Mindfulness strengthens our capacity to be present to all that life brings


About A Way In

A Way In Jewish Mindfulness organization, founded by Rabbi Yael Levy, offers spiritual practices and guidance for the heart and soul. 

Rabbi Yael's Teachings

Rabbi Yael writes a weekly kavanah, and authors a daily blog of meditations and suggestions for practice based on the cycles of Jewish time.


We offer a variety of Shabbat and Holiday services, mindfulness retreats and opportunities for study, reflection and meditation.  All are welcome.


Jewish Mindfulness Practice: Tending the Fires of Devotion


Elul Retreat: Preparing our Hearts and Souls for the New Year

A Way In retreats offer opportunities for meditation, reflection and renewal.We gather in places of beauty and open to the wisdom of the earth and the spirit of the season.  Together we engage in spiritual practices that guide us in cultivating awareness, gratitude and compassion.

Guided by Rabbi Yael Levy, our next retreat is for the month of Elul, August 25-27, 2017, at
Kirkridge Retreat Center in Bangor, PA

May we trust the Unfolding and meet it well
May we dwell in the land and be nourished by faith.
— Psalm 37:3

בטח ביה ועשה טוב שכן ארצ ורעה אמונה


Teachings for directing our hearts

A Way In Jewish Mindfulness is based on these foundational teachings:




Listen and love

שמע ואהבת
Shema, veahafta
Pay attention and cultivate the capacity to meet each moment with love and strength

I am grateful

מודה אני
Modah ani
I give thanks

Lift up your eyes

אשא עיני
Esa enay
Cultivate awareness, amazement and awe

This is your life right now

זה היום
Zeh ha yom
Calling ourselves present to each moment

Pause and restore your soul

שבת וינפש
Shabbat vayinafash

Rest and renewal