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On Retreat with Rabbi Yael Levy: Testimonials

Yael is such a wonderful spiritual guide, I felt pampered and well cared for in New Mexico. Learning to live more mindfully in the real world is definitely more challenging than in the oasis of a retreat, but on the retreat I learned to be more patient and forgiving of myself and others in my life. I also learned things about myself I didn’t know and to that end, I returned with some personal goals that I continue to work on to this day. I am grateful to have had this experience and will continue to seek out these retreats to rejuvenate my soul.

— Romi (Omer Retreat, Abiquiu, NM)

The Ghost Ranch retreat was a perfect antidote to my busy, full life. Through the silence, the beauty of the surroundings and Rabbi Yael's inspiring teachings, I reconnected with parts of myself and developed a deeper spirituality. I find it hard to convey in words just how impactful the experience was for me. It was transformative while there and its impact remained long after the retreat was over, helping me find in my busy life more of what matters.

—Michelle A. (Omer Retreat, Abiquiu, NM, 2016)

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I am grateful to Rabbi Yael and A Way In for providing space to truly experience Shabbat as a time of reflection, prayer and community. I left the Elul retreat feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

— Sharon B. (Elul Retreat, Bangor PA)

The Elul retreat offered a sense of spacious time, with multiple opportunities to contemplate the beauty of the natural world. Engaging in the practice of Hitbodedut, private spoken prayer, I made a commitment to notice beauty every day.

— Stacey M. (Elul Retreat, Bangor PA)

Retreating with Rabbi Yael is like being with a sage whose deep teachings and gentle humor invite us to look within, to shine a light on our narrow places, to move toward compassion for self and others a d courageously step out into spaciousness. She illuminates the path of teshuvah and inspires us to mend our brokenness and heal relationships. Rabbi Yael’s teachings and guidance are gateways to understanding ancient text and rituals, opening our hearts and souls to the Oneness of All.

— Roz K. (Omer Retreat, Abiquiu, NM)


 The intersection of the magical landscape of Ghost Ranch and Rabbi Yael's spiritual guidance in this wilderness makes for a special kind of experience. I look forward to this gathering and its many surprises each spring.

 — Lance L. (Omer Retreat, Abiquiu, NM)