Weekly Schedule: Two Months of Adar

A Guide to the Dates 2019/5779

Rabbi Yael Levy's new Ebook Two Months of Adar: Time to Align will guide us through each of the weeks of this special time with teachings, exercises, practices and meditations. As Hebrew leap years only occur once every few years—indeed the next one after this one is in 5782—how the Hebrew month lines up with the Gregorian calendar is not always intuitive. Below you will find a set of dates to help you line up the weekly 5779 Adar teachings with 2019.

We begin the journey with the first day of Adar I on the evening of Monday, Feb 4th, 2019, and the day of Tuesday, Feb 5th. (When the previous month has 30 days, as the month of Shevat has, the new month begins with Rosh Hodesh on the 30th day of the preceding month.)

Each new week of Adar I will begin on a Tuesday night, while the weeks of Adar II will begin on Thursday nights.

Here is how the weeks of the Hebrew months of Adar line up with the Gregorian calendar in 5779:

Adar I, Week 1: Evening of Monday, Feb. 4th through day of Tuesday, Feb. 12th

Adar I, Week 2: Evening of Tuesday, Feb. 12th through day of Tuesday, Feb. 19th

Adar I, Week 3: Evening of Tuesday, Feb. 19th through day of Tuesday, Feb. 26th

Adar I, Week 4: Evening of Tuesday, Feb. 26th through day of Tuesday, March 5th

Rosh Hodesh of Adar II begins the evening of Tuesday, March 5th, and goes through Friday, March 8th

Adar II, Week I: Evening of Tuesday, March 5th through day of Thursday, March 14th

Adar II, Week 2: Evening of Thursday, March 14th through day of Thursday, March 21st

Purim: Evening of Wednesday, March 20/day of  Thursday, March 21st

Adar II, Week 3: Evening of Thursday, March 21st through day of March 28th

Adar II, Week 4: Evening of Thursday, March 28th through day of April 5th


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