Morning Meditation Sit 12.1.16

As the month of Kislev begins let’s ask:

What would it be like to welcome the dark?

To welcome what we don’t know

And cannot see?

What would it be like to welcome the darkness,

As a friend, a teacher,

A guide?

The mind can say no,

The heart can constrict in fear,

And darkness will come, anyway.

What if we enter the dark like a dream,

And see it as a gateway to the Mystery--

A place where imagination flourishes,

Where messengers appear

And intuition and insights rise side by side?

Kislev, the darkest month of the year, beckons us forward

And dares us to break through

The confines of rationality.

Cultivate a courageous imagination, Kislev calls

And call forth the brilliant lights,

The outrageous lights, the awesome lights.

Together let us

Shine with steadfast love and strength

Within the Mystery of the dark.

Listen to the recording of today's sit here.


Jessie Rauch