Morning Meditation Sit 01.12.17

As the book of Bereshit comes to a close, Jacob is preparing to pass out of this world.
He yearns to tell his sons how their lives will unfold.  He wants to tell them what will be for generations to come.  But as he begins to speak, his “mouth is sealed” and he can only utter phrases that create a puzzle each son will need to solve for himself.
Jacob speaks words that are clothed in mystery reminding us that the path forward is revealed only as we approach.

This week as we prepare to leave the book of Bereshit, we bring awareness to the unfolding of creation.  We remind ourselves that we too are part of this mysterious unfolding and set intentions to speak our own lives into blessing.

If you were unable to participate in the live sit this morning, a recording is now available for streaming.  Click here to go to the recording of today’s sit.

Much blessing to all.

Away In