Morning Meditation Sit 02.23.17

In this week’s Torah portion, Mishpatim, our ancestors seek to integrate the experiences of Mt. Sinai. They ask, How do we live in relationship with the Infinite?

How do we serve what is true, what is ultimate?

Our ancestors answer these questions by creating rules to govern their lives. They establish laws to ensure all people are treated fairly and the earth and all animals are shown respect. In the midst of all of this the Infinite calls to them, saying:

Take notice I send messengers to guard you on your way and bring you to a place I have prepared.

As we sit with this week’s Torah portion we will honor the ways in which the Divine is revealed through our relationships and through our seeking of justice. And we will lift our awareness to the messengers that appear to guide us. We will also acknowledge that at times, we are the messengers, we are the answers to each other’s prayers.

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