Kavanah for Vayeshev

Jacob’s journey continues

After much contention, upheaval and blessing Jacob seeks to settle down. 

He seeks the opportunity to rest, to dwell in comfort and peace.  But immediately his actions put into motion more conflict and pain.  And his life continues to unfold in turmoil.

Jacob’s struggle asks us these questions:

            What causes me to confine and constrict my love?

          What keeps me from seeing another’s vulnerability, yearning, pain?

            When does hatred, jealousy to tear at my heart and mind?

These questions can send us into the pit—into the depths of our souls’ demons and fears.

But as soon as we touch ground a hand reaches in a pulls us out.

And then the choice is ours:

            Will we continue on the worn path of constriction and fear?

            Or will we turn toward the path of forgiveness, the path of love, of understanding?

            The path of life?


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