Chanukah Miracles: Keeping On

As we come to the end of the Chanukah festival, let’s dedicate ourselves to keep lifting up the lights.
Tradition says that the miracle of Chanukah is that a small drop of oil lasted for 8 days—but there was also another miracle:
Amid ruin, in the face of desecration, having witnessed all that they valued being laid to waste, people stepped forward, found a small drop of oil—and dared to light it.
They couldn’t know that the fire would last. They didn’t even know if a flame could be coaxed from the debris. They didn’t know if their actions would amount to anything, but instead of lying down in defeat or turning away in despair, they took action. For the sake of the community, in honor of the sacred, in service of their values and ideals, they lit the flames.
Let us be inspired to continue to rise, amid the ruin and the rubble, and let us light the flames for goodness, for justice, for the health of the planet and the dignity of all.

Rabbi Yael Levy