The Source of All guides us on all our journeys. (Exodus 40:38)


As the book of Exodus draws to a close,

The work of the Mishkan

The sacred dwelling of the Divine,

Is complete.


The Mishkan was fashioned with generosity and love.

It was created with wise hearts and skillful hands.

Each gift found its use

And every offering had been woven together as one.


The Mishkan was placed

At the center of the community

And Kavod Hashem, the Glory of the One,

Emanated from within.

This Presence filled the camp and spoke to each heart:


I dwell within and among you.

Fashion your lives so as to know me,

Weave your days so as to return to me again and again.


Look for me everywhere.

I am with you in clarity and well-being.

And I am with you in clouds of confusion, loneliness and fear.

Watch for me in the darkness.

See me in the light.

I am the guide on the journey

And I am the journey itself.