Kavanah for Parsha Tetzeveh


Raise up the light that shines always.

Cultivate a wise heart.

Act with the wisdom of the spirit.
The radiance that was revealed at Sinai is meant to come through the words of our mouths and the work of our hands.

We are urged us to place upon our hearts words, images, phrases that will help us be aware of the sacred and honor our relationship to all.

We ask ourselves:

What helps me to make wise decisions?

What guides me toward clarity?

What helps me feel a sense of protection and allows my heart to listen deeply and respond with insight and courage?

We breathe these questions into our bodies and let them be touched by the eternal flame that is always there.

Over the course of the week, let us take notice of images, words and phrases that are helpful, soothing, inspiring, and that offer comfort and guidance.

And let us set an intention to wear these phrases as our sacred garments.