Shabbat Intentions - All That Has Been Lost

Images and sensations as we enter the Shabbat of the week of Hod:

High desert canyons,

Red walls reaching upward,

Streaks of yellow sandstone and Navaho white.

Sheets of rock formed,

And reformed, by wind and water,

By heat and cold.

These mighty canyons

Are sculpted,

Are made beautiful

By all that has been worn away.

By all that has been lost.


Walking among them, one would be forgiven

For assuming these massive forms are forever.

But after leaning against a wall

Or seeking shelter in a crevice

We come away with the red dust

Of their passing.


Everything that is becomes something else.

Everything that will be, was.


May our hearts be strong and filled with courage

As the seasons pass and leave us

Raw and exposed,

And perhaps even more beautiful

For all that has been worn away.

For all that has been lost.