Week 6 - Week of Yesod: Foundation, Connection

This sixth week of the Omer, Yesod, calls us to align with the roots of our souls. Yesod directs our attention to our foundations and our truths.

This week we take care to acknowledge the depths of our experiences and offer gratitude to our communities, our teachers and the sacred companions with whom we walk. We give thanks to our ancestors and all those who have helped soften and reveal the paths ahead.

Let us remember we stand strong and tall through our connections with each other.

As part of your Omer practice, please consider making a donation during a week of the Omer (and its attribute) that resonates for you and to help support our efforts and commitment to make our Omer teachings free and available to all. If you wish to make a gift in honor or in memory of someone, we will let them know of your gift with an inspirational card.

In Honor of the Week of Yesod

During this week of Yesod, please consider making a donation in honor of a teacher or sacred companion, or in honor of the refuge and inspiration offered by friendship and community.

From all my teachers I gain wisdom and insight.

(Psalm 119:99)

—Rabbi Yael Levy