Shelach Lecha - Shabbat Intentions

For Shelach Lecha:

When fear takes hold,

The heart constricts and vision narrows,

And thoughts

That insist on doubt, mistrust

And disconnection

Are perceived as truth.

And so we separate ourselves from each other

And fear reigns.

It can be difficult to break this cycle

Because fear only strengthens itself.


To see things differently,

The Torah teaches,

Do an act that brings you into relationship.

Reach out,

Give thanks,

Bow to beauty,

Offer your time, energy, support.

This will help shift perspective

And loosen the bonds of fear.


For the sake of our country,

Our world,

For the sake of each other,

Let us deny fear the power

To control our perceptions

And shape our thoughts.

And instead

Let us rise

And create connections

With acts of kindness,

Compassion and love.


Shabbat shalom to all.

--Rabbi Yael Levy