Everything we Do Makes a Difference

Mindful of his own death, Moshe calls God by a new name: Source of the Spirit of all Flesh, and asks who should follow in his wake. (Numbers 27:15-16)

Choose Joshua, the One answers, for the spirit is within him. Lay your hands upon Joshua before the eyes of the whole community. Bestow upon Joshua your awareness, your gratitude, your humility. This will ensure that his voice will be heard and his teachings understood. (Numbers 27:18-20)

Moshe does so and Joshua begins his journey into leadership.

May we live with the awareness that the spirit of the One is alive within all creation.  And may we each take our roles as guides, teachers, companions and leaders with gratitude, humility and awareness. Everything we do makes a difference.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Yael