Parashat Balak

Parashat Balak:

God uncovered Balaam’s eyes and Balaam saw a messenger of the Divine standing right there on the path.  -- Numbers 22:31

We so often go on our way
Seeing what we expect,
Perceiving what we assume,
So much of what we notice determined by habit and routine.

Sometimes we need to lose our way,
            To walk into walls,
            To fall to the ground
                        In order to free our gaze.

And then we might hear the Mystery speak; we might behold visions from beyond,
humbled, with eyes unveiled.  
--Numbers 24:4

This blessing lingers long after the clarity is gone,
            Becoming another messenger on the path,
Pushing and prodding us
            Toward all that is true.

May we practice seeing clearly so we can act wisely for the benefit of all.

Shabbat shalom to all.

Rabbi Yael