A Rosh Hashana Message from A Way In

As we stand on the edge of this New Year, readying ourselves to cross over to what will be, may strength and inspiration rise up within and around us. 

May the skies inspire a vast perspective that opens us to new possibilities.  

May the fires of devotion turn us toward each other with love. 

May the waters remind us that all things change and we are part of the continued unfolding.  

And may the earth shine its beauty, encouraging our gratitude and dignity.

Each of us is here for our short time. May we live what we love, offering our gifts and blessings for the well being of all. 

May this year show us the way to live in harmony and peace with each other and all the earth. And may we help each other believe that this is indeed possible. 

Shana Tova

Thank you so much for journeying with us. 

Good health and much blessing to all. 


Rabbi Yael and the A Way In Board