Standing in the Light of Yom Kippur

We call on the heavens and the earth.

We call on each other, sacred companions on the journey,

And we ask for help and we ask for guidance.

May we enter into this Yom Kippur with open and willing hearts.

May we support each other as we face the beauty and the fragility of life.

May we stand with each other as we experience life’s passing.


May we be witnesses for each other,

Acknowledging that we are loving and compassionate beings

And that our words and actions have caused pain and hurt.


May the burdens of shame, guilt and disappointment unwind from our souls

So that we can turn into the new year free and able to begin again.


Let us be channels for compassion and love.

Let healing and forgiveness flow through each of us into the world. 

May we write ourselves, each other and all the earth into the Book of Life.


Shana tova. Shabbat Shalom. Blessings for all.

-- Rabbi Yael Levy