Opening to Kislev

Opening to the month of Kislev,

Where a light shines in darkness,

A light of pure love, freely given.

Let us notice the beauty that shines everyday.

Let us notice the miracles that surround us always.

Let us pause and give thanks for the gifts that sustain us.

And let us know we are loved.

Yes, at times it is difficult to discern the blessings,

To allow ourselves to bathe in the light.

And what a gift to bring to the world

Right now--

Awareness of pure love, freely given.

As poet and prophet Leonard Cohen has sung:

Ring the bells that still can ring,

Forget your perfect offering,

There is a crack in everything,

That’s how the light gets in.

Let us ring the bells

And shine the light.

Let us be messengers for healing and love.

Here is Leonard Cohen singing live in Dublin

Rabbi Yael Levy

30 Heshvan 5779