5779 Chanukah Day 7 — Sitting in the Light of the Olam — The Mystery of Time and Space

Sitting in the Light of the Olam — The Mystery of Time and Space

We are not here alone. We are in this moment because of every decision made by those who came before us. Our lives have been shaped by the choices and circumstances of those whose names we will never know. And the ways we live, our choices, our decisions, will create the world for those who will some day call us ancestor.

L’olam va’ed: The world is a web of connection. Eternity exists in this very moment.

Meditation for the 7th day of Chanukah  

We take our seats and bringing the attention to the breath, we set an intention to be present to each moment. Each moment is all there is and within each moment is eternity. Gently, with the rhythm of the breath, we say to ourselves, this moment, this moment, this moment.   

As we notice thoughts arising, we give thanks for noticing, and return the attention to the breath and to this moment. At the close of the sit, we give thanks to the ancestors, we send love to the children and we call out:

The Mystery of Life unfolds into Eternity (Psalm 133)

Rabbi Yael Levy
1 Tevet 5779

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