Make for Me a Place

After the thunder,
The lightning,
The mountain aflame,
The Mystery calls to each of us,
To all of us:

Make for me a place that I may dwell within you
Make for me a place that I may dwell among you.

—Exodus 25:8

I am in the thunder and lightning,
In the grand, spectacular events.
And I am in each blade of grass,
Each newborn sparrow,
Each ripple in the lake.
And I dwell in you.

Fashion your life as to know
The Divine dwells in all.

Honor your gifts and abilities.
See your beauty.
Recognize each other’s offerings
And receive them with grace.

Have reverence for the offerings
Of the earth and the waters.

Share your bounty.
Whatever happens,
Whatever is,
I dwell with you.

Weave your life so as to return to knowing
Again and again and again,
That I have come to dwell
Within and among you
My fire is alive in all.

Shabbat Shalom.

—Rabbi Yael Levy