Shevat Week 2 — At the Shores of the Sea

Crossing the sea

Our ancestors trembled in awe,

They sang with joy,

They bowed with gratitude,

They proclaimed their faith.

A moment later they were seized with fear,

Overwhelmed by doubt,

And they cried, longing to return to Egypt,

To what was familiar,

To what was known.

The Divine Presence responded by giving them Shabbat:

Six days you shall work and on the seventh day you shall stop,

You shall rest, you shall be.                                                

—Exodus 16:23

Stopping will help you discover what gives you faith and courage.

Pausing will help you discern which paths to walk.

Our ancestors sang of faith and courage, victorious arrival.

And they stumbled in bitterness, doubt and fear.

Their story is our story,

Their song is our song.

We come to the edge of the sea again and again.

As we do,

Let us pause in awe

And find the courage and faith

To step forward with fierce willingness

Into the land of the unknown.

Rabbi Yael Levy
11 Shevat 5779

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