Adar I , Week 2 — Let Me Surround You

In this week’s Torah portion, Tezaveh, the Mystery calls,

Come towards me and let me surround you.  

Feel the spirit of wisdom being breathed into your body

And raise up your light.

Place the sacred before your eyes.

And inscribe visions, ideals and dreams upon your heart.

Bring forth your offerings.

Lift up your gifts.

I will meet you at each opening. And there I will speak with you.

My glory will surround you.

My Presence will dwell within and among you.

And then you will know

That life is filled with boundless possibility

And you are wrapped in beauty and love.                        

—Exodus 29:42-46

May we take time, this second week of Adar Rishon (the first month of Adar), to pause and notice the Mystery within which we live. May this open us to wisdom and guidance.

—Rabbi Yael Levy

9 Adar I 5779