Iyar Week 2: The Week of Tiferet and Second Chances

An intention for this Shabbat Tiferet and this week’s Torah portion Kedoshim:

The earth is in celebration.


Pink, red, purple, shine.

The birds sing all day.

Gleeful, joyous.

And what about us

How do we blossom?

What do we sing?

Kidoshim Tihyu, You Shall Be Holy, the Infinite calls.

You Shall Be Holy:

Live in reverent relationship with the earth and all beings.

Treat everyone with dignity, fairness and care.

See the good.

Share the bounty.

Be vigilant with your words and your actions.

You shall be holy, the Infinite calls, Because I am holy.

Because the earth is filled with beauty.
Because you are filled with beauty.

Kidoshim Tihyu, You Are Holy.

Love yourselves and each other.

Rabbi Yael Levy 

4 Iyar 5779