Iyar Week 5: Foundations of Interdependence

This week’s Torah portion, Bechutotai, which coincides with the 6th week of the Omer, makes clear that we live in complete interdependence with all life. The choices we make, the ways we treat each other, the ways we interact with the natural world, have consequences that extend far beyond our own lifetime.

In honor of Yesod, this 6th week of the Omer,

            May we examine our use of natural resources and explore ways we can be better conservationists.

            May we take actions that honor our ancestors, those who have gone before us and opened our paths through their love and courage.

            May we open to wisdom that arrives from the natural world and seek to align ourselves with these teachings.

            And may we feel into our relationship with all life and as we do, may we hear the Mystery call:

I give my presence to dwell within you.

I will walk among you.

I will be for you and

You will be me.

(Lev 26:11-12)

Rabbi Yael Levy
25 Iyar 5779