Adar II, Week 3 — Who Knows?

Who knows?

Perhaps it was for this very moment you were brought into the world. (Esther 4:14)

These were Mordechai’s words to Esther, encouraging her to risk approaching the King in order to save the Jewish people from destruction.

Who knows?

It was uncertainty about what would result from her actions that propelled Esther to step forward.

Who knows?

The Purim story urges us not to let uncertainty stifle our actions or scare us into hiding. It urges us to not let uncertainty about what might result from our deeds be an excuse for turning away. Rather, we are called to let not knowing encourage our engagement and exploration, to let not knowing call forth our imagination and audacity.

We don’t know where our actions will lead.

We don’t know the number of our days.

What we do know is that our world is in need of transformation and healing.

Purim calls:

Engage. Act. Risk. Love.

            Dance with the paradox and mysteries of life.

Push beyond the limits of possibility. Step into the mystery. Go into the unknown.

Who knows? Perhaps it was for this very reason we were brought into the world.

Purim Samayach—Love and Joy to All

—Rabbi Yael Levy

14 Adar II 5779