Adar II, Week 4 — The Fires are Lit on the Altars

As we come into the final week of Adar Sheni

Escorted by this week’s Torah portion, Shemini,

A call goes out:

Be aware of what you take into your body,

Through the foods you eat,

The news you consume,

The people and situations with which you engage.

Notice what nourishes the system

And what causes stress and agitation.

And take note of where you are drawn

To give your time, energy and attention.

Ask yourself with kindness:

Is this engagement wise, helpful,


The fires are lit on the altar

And our offerings are being called forth.

May we be wise and discerning

In what and how we choose to give.

And may the treasures of ourselves be

Be received for blessing.

—Rabbi Yael Levy

21 Adar II 5779