Morning Meditation Sit — Noticing Messengers — Tammuz Week 3

  1. God uncovered Balaam’s eyes and Balaam saw a messenger of the Divine standing right there on the path. (Numbers 22:31)

We so often go on our way

Seeing what we expect,

Perceiving what we assume,

So much of what we notice determined by habit and routine.

What does it take to lift our eyes and see beyond our expectations and judgments?

To notice messengers and discern their guidance?

Sometimes we need to lose our way,

To walk into walls,

To fall to the ground

In order to free our gaze.

Sometimes we need to practice remembering all we do not know.

We sit together this week, practicing seeing whatever arises in the mind with curiosity and non-judgmental awareness.

We will practice seeing so as to recognize moments when

We hear the mystery speak,

And humbled, with eyes unveiled,

We behold visions from beyond. (Numbers 24:4)

May we see clearly so we can act wisely for the benefit of all.

Rabbi Yael Levy
14 Tammuz 5779

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