Morning Meditation Sit — Praying with the News — Tammuz Week 4

Rabbi Yael is traveling this week so there will be no call-in sit on Thursday July 25. Listen to the pre-recording of the Sit in the player below.

As we continue in the month of Tammuz, the season urges us to be aware of the anger and hatred that can so easily arise in our hearts and minds, reeking havoc on our systems and misdirecting our words and actions. In our meditation this week, we will practice easing the anger by turning toward care and compassion.

Rabbi Yael Levy
21 Tammuz 5779

The live Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Sit with Rabbi Yael Levy normally takes place Thursday mornings 8-8:30 AM EST. Go to instructions for joining next week via call-in.

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