We Bow in the Four Directions

As the month of Shevat turns into the month of Adar, we bow in the four directions, honoring and giving thanks to the Mysterious Unfolding of Creation.

To the East:

We bow to

Vision, insight, perspective,

The rising light of dawn,

Each day a new possibility,

And we open our imagination to all that can be.

To the South:

The home of devotion, passion, creativity, love,

We bow to the fires that warm, sustain and inspire us.

And we bow promising to tend the flames of devotion, compassion and love.

To the West:

We bow to the waters of life and acknowledge that all things change and pass.

And we ask for bitachon -- the trust to go forward,

And engage in the movement.

Be the transformation.

To the North:

We bow to the wisdom that rises from the earth

And the wisdom that flows to us from our ancestors.

And we ask to receive and carry their sacred teachings,

And bring forth healing for the sake of the earth,

And for the sake of all those who will some day call us ancestor.



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