Rosh Hodesh ADAR

The Mystery is Transformation. The Infinite responds in the moment we call. (Psalm 20:10)

We welcome the month of Adar, the month that brings Purim, the holiday of transformation and possibility.

A mighty ruach—a powerful wind and spirit—soars through the month of Adar bringing the seeds of transformation.  Sometimes this wind comes as a soft breeze; other times it arrives with a force that shakes us to the bone.

As we enter this month, we are encouraged to take a flexible posture, to loosen our grasp on how things “have always been” or how things “should be.” As the ruach of Adar comes through, do not to resist.

We are no match for these forces of change.

A soft, open posture—a willingness to let go what has been, a relaxing of a rigid stance, can make us feel vulnerable. This posture allows for the ruach, for the spirit of this month, to move through us with greater ease.

A mighty wind is blowing. May the spirit fill us with strength and trust and may the transformation be for blessings and wellbeing for all.

Blessings to all for the new month.

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